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April 13, 2006


Sean Garrett

Interestingly, and as we note on the 463 blog, the President gave a speech yesterday where he said:

"...the health care field is not a very transparent place when it comes to price and quality. I mean, how many of you really ever shopped for health care? How many of you have ever actually gotten on the Internet and tried to compare price before you make a health care decision? Not many, because, one, the system has somebody else paying the bills for you, and, two, there's not a lot of transparency. So this government is going to continue to work with folks in the health care field to make sure that price and quality are available to you as a consumer. It's amazing what happens when people have information at their fingertips before they make decisions."

Zach Shine

I am not sure if a surgery is a good idea to be price compared. A couple years ago my sister has to go through a brain surgery to remove a tumor. All of our family helped with the funding. But our focus was to find the right doctor not the cheapest doctor.

Don't get me wrong, I love price comparing, one of my favorite site is PriceComparison.com (http://www.PriceComparison.com). I just don't believe a surgery is one of them to compare prices on...


Dmitriy Minenko

I am not sure if a surgery is a good idea to be price compared either. But for prescription drugs or supplements I can recommend www.HealthPricer.com . You can compare prices from several certified online pharmacies to find lowest possible price. The price difference can be huge, especially on expensive drugs. There you can find tons of information about licensed trusted online pharmacies (mostly Canadian), check their ratings and custoner reviews and compare prices for drugs.

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