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January 31, 2007


Bob Miglani

Only a fresh face can save Dell...and it isn't Michael. Service is terrible, production is delayed and its become a beauracratic organization. Where has Michael Dell been all this time? This all happened on his watch.

What is needed is someone who is willing to get their hands dirty to fix the mistakes. But the first step this person will have to do is to admit that there's a problem.

Bob Miglani
Author, Treat Your Customers: Thirty Lessons on Service and Sales That I Learned at My Family's Dairy Queen Store


Bhaskar Mahendrakar

Will the new face can save dell??? apart from the mistakes of dell,there have been lot of competitors in the dell's operating margins and recently lenovo(ex-IBM) has become not so expensive as it was,dell has started loosing its market share..
can we say dell has to revisit their business model,not completely different but partly for sure.

George Carwin

"Dell needs to focus on what's important to customers, and no it's not your products or services, face it today those have become a commodity. The real leverage point is finance and account management. The answer to delivering more products and services to your customers (and profit to you) is to find creative ways to finance customer needs, the most obvious is leasing, another is co-ownership. Hardware, software and services need to be combined as a single-sign-on solution, take away the need for customers to manage these items separately, when you manage your customer you're really managing your own future."

George Carwin
Manager Information Systems


The image of Dell is in touble now. It is the symbol of efficiency and low price. Now computer industry is getting into new era - convergence. Phone, TV, MP3, Game are putting together into smaller devices like i-Phone. Brand perception can't be built over night; it can't change the current image over night either. I have to say the company will have harder time than ever. So will Mr. Dell.

R. Fulk

Dell has hurt themselves. In my opinion they used to be the best. I bought a new laptop in March 2006. It didn't work so I called for support. I talked to people in India and in the US. It took 25 hours before one person agreed to ship another computer. Employees were nasty, hung up on me a couple of times and just didn't seem to want to help.
Unless customer service comes back to the US and reaches the point they used to be they have lost me and others as customers.


Same thoughts as James. They need to bring things back home. Support and financials are all oversees. We're a large corporation and we fight daily with the financial side.

Steve Cozamanis

Having purchased another Dell three weeks ago I am still in the throes of getting it to work. Many hours spent with India only to hear "just a moment please I will talk to my supervisor" and on and on. All I wanted to know was why didn't I receive the DVI cable that was pictured in the photo set up guide. No one understood that question but I received three parts all of which did not fit. Next step is to return - now they tell me a technician will install a video card - not sure why but if I ever get an English speaking technician in my house, I will bolt the doors shut.

Thomas Carlson

Dell is the classic example of a founder failing to plan for successfion. Unfortunately, you only have one shot at handing the reigns over in an effective manner and that time has passed. I think Michael Dell needs to do what he does best, and start a new company. The model can be taken to other industries and it can only be done by a visionary like him. I laughed today when I stumbled upon two young entrepreneurs who struck me as Dell-reincarnated. They are bringing mass customization to jewelry and I have a hunch their plans do not end there. ( The company can be found at www.paragonlake.com )

I hope for thier sake they learn a lesson here and plan accordingly.

Matt Wilmer

I purchased a dell in January of 2007, yet to find out i have THREE defective parts in my brand new computer which would cost me over $300 to replace and not including to get someone to install them correctly. I have tried contacting costumer care, fraud has been used by the ""employees"" I and my mother have been both cursed out on the phone, hung up on, and spent over 80 hours on the phone with dell just to hear we will try and resolve your problem a call will be placed back to you within 24-48 hours and yet no call. I was givin a $100 coupon in courtesy of the hasal I have went through, and without any notification Dell has redeemed it and yet refuses to give another and still hangs up. My opinion is just like everyone else's, until customer care is brought back over here Dell has lost my business along with my respect. I have already contacted Thomas Feyer of the NY Times about this issue to get out to the public. Dell needs better employees for customer care and back in the USA where they belong. I'm tired of dealing with people you can't understand more less speak English to. I am highly frustrated with this situation and not getting the respect I deserve. We are highly taking in to consideration about talking to an attorney about this and the fraud. We will take these steps if we have to.

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