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January 25, 2007


Rich McGee

For too many years Microsoft has kicked sand in their user's faces. When they were the only operating system available, we had no choice but to use their products. But, like AOL, they started ignoring customer needs in favor of increased profits. Now we have a choice (Mac, or Linux) and what does Microsoft do? They spend billions on an OS few will ever want or need.


>>an OS few will ever want or need.
If few means several hundred millions to a billion people you are right. Mac and Linux keep remaining almost insignificant in the big numbers of the average consumer space, despite decades of hate propaganda and glory predictions of success against Windows by niche groups of users. Average consumers do have the choice, and they keep buying PCs with Windows.


>>Average consumers do have the choice, and they keep buying PCs with >>Windows.

Average consumers don't have a choice. Windows comes pre-installed on new PC's and most consumers don't know how to install an operating system.


>>Windows comes pre-installed on new PC's and >>most customers don't know how to install an >>operating system.

So Microsoft is a Monopoly becuase customers are ignorant??? You tech geeks can scream at Microsoft as loud and as long as you want, and the fact is that it just doesn't matter. I wish I could be cool like you and run Linux. I can always dream, but until then, I guess I'm stuck with an OS that cost billions of dollars and five years to develop. Yes, yes, what a worthless pile of code. I could have developed a better OS my my garage last weekend. All hail to the mighty revolutionary Linux base. So before any of you go patting me on back for these comments, please realize that the last five sentences were complete sarcasm.


One great thing to remember when you say Windows kicks sand in their users faces.. is that your face.. is just one of billions.. and your 'opinion' means nothing.

A Wise man once said (Bill Cosby) "I don't know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everyone."

Linux is never going to be windows.. Linux is a great 'free' operating system.. but you get what you pay for.. you have to do.. everything.. its no where NEAR as user-friendly as Windows... and if you dont know what you are doing.. is just as vulnerable as a windows PC..

Bottom line.. people want to use computers.. but they dont want to know how they work.. they want them to work without them having to 'do' anything.. a realization linux has no clue about.. People who know what they are doing.. can make linux secure.. people who know what they are doing can make windows secure..

People who dont know what they are doing.. use windows.. because its 'easy to use'. Linux doesnt come on a new PC because the 100,000 people in the world who know how to use it are not the Millions of people around the world who DONT know how.. that are buying computers.

The proof is in the pudding..

P.S. I use slackware linux.. which is fun.. but when I want to 'do' anything.. I use my Windows partition.. Can anyone here guess why?

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