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January 29, 2007



[...]All hell broke loose when the news about Whisher, initially under embargo until launch, was spilled out by Erick Schonfeld. Everybody from wifinetnews.com to venturebeat.com rushed in to cover it and make the headlines.[...] from Wirelessisfun.com live coverage on Whisher launch unfolding.

martin varsavsky

Its funny how Ferran Moreno likes to pretend he was a Fon employee. When I knew Ferran he was a full time employee of Airbites a company Fon considered investing but passed cause the financial situation was very bad. So much so that their owners Swisscom closed them down. As far as those cards are concerned those are fonero cards that we printed and gave to people who are foneros, but being a fonero is not being a Fon employee. Now we did interview Ferran at the time but passed on the possibility of hiring him. We did hire Iurgi Arginzoniz Cebreiro from AirBites though and we are super happy with Iurgi.


Hey Martin,

I think that Ferran just proved you're full of it.

Martin Johnson

Hey guys remember some of the best ideas and useful products come from competition!!!

Paul Reigersmants

We will never know if Martin lies or if Ferran does... but now both of them will have the opportunity to fight in the bullring.

As I've mentioned in my blog, I just hope that Torraski, the third actor of this play, do not claim the ownership of the original idea behind these WiFI projects.

Business Shark

Well Mr Ferran Moreno.

I think you also know too well what it means to try to set up businesses with unequal percentage parts of the shareholders - so don't spit others peoples' faces following the same dirty stragtegies!

Ferran Moreno

Mr Business Shark,

First: I don't get your point. Second: it is not related at all with the post. Third: what's the matter with unequal percentages?! Most businesses have that and it's actually positive, otherwise in case of disagreement the company would get blocked operationally, which is the worst that can happen.

Anyway, have fun!

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