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January 30, 2007



Glad you have the Netflix example, but on the wrong side. Blockbuster tried but failed to stop Netflix, Siebel failed miserably to stop Salesforce. How Microsoft will stop Google?

Joshua Konowe

I think your analysis is correct regarding the time-table for a company to dominate any industry and that it is shrinking. Google is good, but how much longer will people want to spend hours of their day searching for things that could be found for them in a solid business application they can buy and manipulate? Microsoft has a chance of thriving but they have to start hitting Google where it hurts and Vista is not designed to do that.


I am sure Vista will be fine after the seventh update. And though the folks are not as hysterical as with past operating system launches--the Redmond Robber Barons will be able to line their pockets quite nicely.

I just wish it did not give rise to occasion for multitude of public appearances by Bill the Third,



Google is simple, reliable and easy to use. Google finds dead on information with every search. MS is an over bloated resource hog that will only slow computers to a screaching halt. Does one realy need all of this gui garbage to consume the majority of their resources that is now offered with Vista? An operating system should be basic and devote the majority of resources to applications which is all one really should care about.

gc of dc

Aside from Apple, most companies make sure their products work before release...Vista is typical of Microsoft's continual late delivery of a product that will eventually stabilize into proper operation...ask tourself when you became content with Windows XP or 2000. Seems MSFT drops off a new OS just when the wrinkles are ironed out of the incumbent Windows.

GC of DC

Palaniappan Sathappa

Makes a lot of sense to me. Looks like Microsoft has been lagging behind a lot with their success in Operating Systems, that they let the Search engine slip by.

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