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January 09, 2007


Abhishek Sharma

wierd they use that name, Cisco has already used that name for their product recently:



Sharma ~ Jobs has been in talks with Cisco for a while regarding use of the iPhone trademark.

Bernie Aho

Hey, how about when will be launched in Canada..Same network as US but not mentioned in launch dates with Asia and UK...What gives.
Of course Canadian CRTC and Translation to french manuals...gawd..probably XMAS 2007

John Earnhardt

UPDATE ON CISCO'S iPHONE TRADEMARK - Intellectual property is the lifeblood of Silicon Valley and we all have to protect our property. As most know by now, the iPhone trademark is owned by Cisco. We (Cisco) had hoped to reach an agreement to share our trademark with Apple, yet they decided to use the name without our agreement, so we, unfortunately, are having to go to court to stop them from using the name. Money is not the issue. We still hope we can reach an agreement, but when your neighbor steals your property, you have no recourse other than to call the cops and file a complaint. Full Cisco statement at: http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/2007/corp_011007.html


It's $500 after subsidy, so Apple is getting like $750-$850 each... or $7-8 billion in 2008 on 10 million units.

Kasimani Baskaran

People are already fed up with the Windows Mobile (not so mobile), Palm and Symbian. Spent a lot of money on the phone (Much more than the $500~600). If iPhone or iFone can replace those junk phones for 2~3 of years (apple hardware survives more than 10 years) it is already a good saving.
Apple excells in user interface.
I am sure iPhone will rule the phone world in the years to come.


I think we can all clearly see that this, like the original Ipod, is going to snowball and drive the stock well over 110.00 per share. That is if it does not split at a lower number. This is apples finest example of clear thinking and marvelous engineering. Like all apple products it is art, and it instills pride in the owner which leads to other apple purchases over time. This cash rich monster (toyota) of a company will soon rule the personal electronics market, period! Buy your stock now and hold it.


"At $500 a pop, that's an extra $5 billion in revenues"

With the $200-400 from Cungular, it's much more than that. Which is why AAPL added a few bill on the news.

Roger Smith

iPhone is available with Cingular ONLY!?
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than Cingular but still want a iPhone?
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