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March 21, 2007



The music industry screwed itself. The greed of the music industry destroyed the connection with the people who buy the music. Back in the 80's I worked for a record store that was later sold to Blockbuster. The owner of the store cared nothing about what people were interested in, only what Billboard Magazine said was the next big thing. Hence garbage like Loverboy, ToTo, etc.
Then there were the indepedent labels which were mostly bought up by the big labels. About this time came the death of the radio DJ. Radio lost its personality and its ability to introduce new music to the masses. Radio stations consolidated and started taking payoffs from the record companies which was recently in the news.
Then MTV started peddling crap because they didn't want to pay the record companies.
Instead of finding a way to change with the times because the times they were a changing, the record companies decide to sue thier customers.
Maybe the big record companies are dinosaurs that are doomed to die. Maybe they just got to big and ate up all the available green cash, and each other now the land cannot support them any more.
I like to think that maybe we don't need them. It would be nice if the greed heads were no longer involved and music could be left to musicians. The way it started.
People can make fun of Myspace all they want, but almost everyone who makes music is on there. It's an interactive radio with millions of bands and links to download thier songs. Bye Bye Big Blue Meanies. Love, Love, Love

seth hayward

being disrupted is never any fun - true.

but being disruptive? i LIVE for that :)

avast, ye scoundrels of the old media age, today's new pirates are after yer booty.

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