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April 01, 2007


evden eve nakliyat

very nice informations...thank you very much.mr solak not salak...


Not sure I'd care for fiber optics in there.
Good April 1st joke though.l

Ryan Hyde


John Collins

Good to see someone at Google has maintained their sense of humour ;-)

Jacob Brunson

Although this was a pretty good April fools joke from Google, the best April fools joke from Google took place a couple of years ago when they announced Gmail with a gigabyte of storage and everyone thought it was a joke--but it turned out to be true.

The fact that so many people debated whether it was true or not was a great marketing campaign--it really created quite a buzz.


Good joke from google.. and I then wanted to buy this modem to connect to the Internet...Ater that google-support send me many smiles )))))) and then I understood - it was joke )) After that I went to site ( www.iptelshop.com ) to buy phone card and call google-support, I called and thanksed for nice humour :))


Really funny :)


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