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April 22, 2007



If you want to read more about startups, have a look at businesshackers.com, a website that specializes in new projects and technology startups in particular.



Check also a site called Trabber. It is quite useful to find the best air fares. Here is the address - http://www.trabber.com


As I said on Tech Crunch, it is interesting that you can track an individual flight. Seems useful for people who commute on the same routes again and again.

A slightly better service for the average consumer IMHO is TripStalker ( http://www.tripstalker.com ).

It is a similar service except it automates a lot of this process. It runs on your desktop and automatically enters your flight criteria for you in a number of airline websites, plus is tied into the GDS (like expedia). It then resubmits the query on a regular basis keeping the flight price constantly up to date. It looks across the spectrum to find the best price for the exact travel criteria. You can specify particular airlines and/or non-stop flights only. But it will still check the price in a number of websites / data sources.

charlie mc Intyre

This should be a great help to getthe best air line flights. It shouls also save alot of time. Thank you for trying to provide this service.


It sounds greta, but I wonder how it works in the real world?? Are you eligible for the refund before you get on the plane or is it a long judicial process, where you will spend way more on a lawyer than what you actually save....

anybody have any experience??


Another great resource for travel search...It searches over 200 sites to find the best deals... no need to search all the different sites this one doe it all...
Also download the Powersearch Toolbar and be entered to win a free Dream Trip!!!
Toolbar searches hotels, airfare, electronics all sorts of stuff!! Try it you wont be disappointed.

Adam Hjorth


Actually, this website has never failed me. I just tried a few other ones that were mentioned but nothing beats a K.I.S.S. concept. Try it!



Buyers beware. Trabber sucks. It is a php shell for travelocity. What you dont know is that most of these online agents cornered the market on reservations. And if you make a res through another company....they pay an "affiliate fee" to get that res.

You dont get anything free in life. If it sounds too good to be true...doubt it.


Trabber, isn't really hiding the fact that they aggregate, remember to read the fine print before yelling foul and pointing...http://www.trabber.com/us/show/providers

Marianne Reder

I can't wait to use your web site, Thanks, Marianne


Is there a charge for having a Yapta account?

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