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May 30, 2007


Christopher Walken

This will still go down as cheap in a couple of years when CBS/CBS Radio has a pole position in internet radio.


I agree (that this will look cheap in a couple of years) - last.fm has built a fantastic product. I must admit I was disappointed to hear them sell to a mainstream player; at the risk of being accused of being cynical (about big organisations, especially those in the music business) I fear that the potential for a company like last.fm to utterly change the industry paradigm will be quietly extinguished by the institutional instincts of a company like CBS. As Hugh MacLeod once so wisely said: "Never try to sell a meteor to a Dinosaur. It wastes your time and annoys the Dinosaur." Taking the metaphor a bit further, looks like this Dinosaur has bought the meteor, but I doubt they'll be able to evolve into a mammal suddenly and rather will end up blowing it (the meteor) to simithereens before it touches down. (OK not the best metaphor I've ever come up with but hopefully some point or another comes across!)

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