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May 30, 2007



It's an interesting deal, but web search may not be the primary reason for it. There's an interesting analyst's article on Metue that speculates this was largely a big up-front ad buy with marketing benefits underscoring the purchase. It wasn't about search, they say, it was about marketing (and paid search) The article is worth checking out: http://metue.com/05-31-2007/ebay-stumble-upon-valuation/

daniel rueda

eBay's StumbleUpon Acquisition Part of 'Finding' Strategy Stumbleupon.com is a terrible domain name. They would be better off changing the name and utilizing the social software apps. When you stumble upon something means "finding" by "accident". Mylocator.com has been perfecting a "finding" strategy for 8 years now. The Founder is the pioneer of vertical locator cluster technology. All these major companies need a true network that is vertical, location based, keyphrase; a family of strategic vertical locator properties. MyLocator is that platform with over 1000 vertical locator channels. Entertainment can be Ebays next thing if they acquire or create entertaining "FindingEngines". Right now natural results are over(circa 1999), premium location is everything. 65 million domains and only about 30-50 thousand are any good. (Commonsense, top level, keyphrase, strategic, location based, vertical channels) The web 3.0 is about strategic niche market social networked vertical results and location. Social Advertising = word of mouth advertising: the most valuable advertising on the planet. Once an invisible ad platform the web 3.0 brings it all to light(permanently). I think ebay would have a better go at it if they changed the name to StumbleEngine.com. I can see it now SEO meaning stumble engine optimization. Funny how the web 3.0 is all about going back to the basics.

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