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May 11, 2007


Barnegat Leight

Hey Steve! I received my 'proxy voting
materials' YESTERDAY in the US mail. When
I tried later in the day to record my votes
with ProxyVote, I was advised 'too late!'
What's up with the late arrival? Seems you
REALLY wanted me not to vote for the shareholder
initiatives, no?

Tom B

"I received my 'proxy voting
materials' YESTERDAY "

Blame the USPS-- I got mine with plenty of time to spare. I didn't actually VOTE, because I had no complaints, and didn't expect that most other people would, either.

Donald M. Scott

Leight is right -- I, too, did not receive my forms in time to vote. Isn't it a law that voting materials go out in a timely manner?

I agree with Leight -- this seems a good way to make sure that we who actually believe in democracy would overwhelmingly vote to oppose Steve and his fellows


That isn't Steve's fault. I received mine with plenty of time to respond. I would call up your broker!

Eric Pollitt

I received my forms via USPS about 3 weeks ago -- and voted!

I use AG Edwards for my Apple stock, so perhaps its your agent that's held up getting the paperwork processed and sent to you?

Reed V. Affolter

I received mine in plenty of time and voted.


I received mine on time. Erik, your comment sounds a little ignorant.


I think they're doing fine without us. Ride the wave and enjoy the money.


one word: electronic delivery


Got mine 2 months ago, Sharebuilder online voting. Went with what the execs wanted. All 3200 share.


that's two words.

Betty Dreitlein

Received my proxy voting forms two days before annual shareholder's meeting and I live within 20 miles of Apple. Not enough time ro reschedule my calendar to attend.


I too received mine too late to vote (Thursday, in LA), which is only sad due to the joy I always get REFUSING to approve Al Gore to the Board. I know he'll stay on, but I wanted my say. Next time.

Brian Spence

Betty, That's funny. I got mine too late to vote as well. And, I do withhold my vote for Mr. Gore every time too! :)


For what it's worth, we got ours a couple of weeks in advance and we live in Canada.

Apple Shareholder

I received mine electronicly from eTrade, over 3 weeks ago.
Also, if voting is that important to you, you should KNOW when it is happening and where!!
Appathy is the downward spiral this country is taking......

Apple users and shareholders should know better!!

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