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May 25, 2007


Dave Burstein


I did a doubletake looking at this list, because I know Daily Motion and others are among the leaders. I quickly realized this was U.S. data only. Hollywood long ago stopped thinking that way, with a majority of box office outside the U.S., and the web is even more clearly international.

Reporting on networks, I realized a while back that the U.S. is less than a quarter of the market and losing share. We know this in broadband figures, and I believe that's going to be the trend in video as well.

I'd love to get numbers like this, for the Internet, not just one country.

Dave Burstein
Editor, DSL Prime


But I thought Google had bought YouTube?

Erick Schonfeld

That's correct, this is only for the U.S. The data is what it is.

And yes, YouTube is owned by Google but still run as a separate site. Not to mention that it is the most popular video destination on the Web, which might be why Nielsen breaks out its numbers.


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Will Flaudgon

i would have thought Halaro.com would have been in the top 10, they are great too. Maybe they don't get that much US traffic

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