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June 04, 2007



The private equity will not save Palm largely because Palm's image and perceptions from consumers have been damaged. The equity firm does not understand Palm's problem clearly, in my personal view. They are running too much a risk themself.

If you look back Palm's history in the last few years after Treo, failure after failure, no new innovations, 700p, LifeDrive, Tx, and now Falio.


I don't think Palm is going to make it even with entire private equite buy out. Palm just simply don't have innovative products to compete with RIM or Apple, nor it can compete with Nokia or Motorola in scale.


Fabio(pretty but unpractical) does have a lot of promising technologies(i.e. instant on). Too bad Palm wasn't able to combine the cool technologies into a useful product. Perhaps the former Apple execs will help them to "think differently."


Palm has lost the spirit of innovations in the last few years. The engineering talents are much weaker than RIMM or NOKIA, marketing does not know how to do their job (look at Falio and LifeDrive etc.). The company is at a point that is almost impossible to turn around without letting an acquisition to come in and change the deep rooted inefficient culture.

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