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June 14, 2007



this is old news.

Can't You Spell?

its' [sic] own strike?
teritory [sic]?
recent [sic] announced?

And you do this for a living?


6% off google revenues overnight, quite a haircut for our dear friends in Mountain View.

Erick Schonfeld

Actually, I do this on tthe side. But thanks for the spellcheck.

I really should stop doing early morning pre-coffee posts from Flickr with one hand while holding a baby in the other.


6% of revenue...that's something!

However, I think I will look at this as a buying opportunity. Those eBay ads on goog are a filler, and they were usually not relevant to the content. I teach internet classes and can assure you that only a small % of businesses in the country know about goog adwords. As more and more people find out about it, the ads are bid up in price. In other words, virtually anyone else will pay MORE for the ads than eBay will.

So, it's some temp pain which will result in future gain.

Helen WIlson

I can't believe Google are the kind that will enjoy being made to back down and look humble at eBays bequest. I sense they may consider it a battle lost but not a lost war...

I've a buck on that being one of the opening shots in the Paypal Checkout war to unfold.....


Well, just as we tell the "little guys" not to rely solely (or too much even) on Google as an advertising partner, even the big guys need to remember not to put too many eggs into one basket. If your business can suffer to a significant degree (and 6% is a significant degree with Google financials I'm sure), on the whims of any one advertiser... well... you need to have another plan to pickup the slack without caving in. Looks like a lack of forethought on Google's part.

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