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June 11, 2007



For Google to even accuse ANYONE of anti-trust violations on serach is the bggest jke I ever heard.
Is this the same Google who's search software is automatically pre-installed on ANY Dell computer that I buy, whether I like it or not? and is this the same Google who's serach comes automaticaly with every copy of Linux? Where is the choice at?
My suggestion to Google is for them to look in the mirror every morning before they start accsuing others.
For my money, Google is one of the greatest forces of evil on the planet right now. Just go ask human rights activists in China.


Google to attack Microsoft on anti-trust grounds is laughable.

* Everyday, Google is closer to being a monopoly in search.

* Now, with Universal Search, Google cheats its own users by heavily favoring its own content [from YouTube, Google Video, Google Images] over that available in the general Internet. Google search is not unbiased any more. Other content sites should now sue Google, on anti-trust grounds, of discriminating against their content in favor of Google's own content.

* Google has the single most comprehensive database of information about individual Internet users available. They are probably a monopoly in the space of acquiring and using Internet user data. How does Google collect private information?
>> Search logs [pairing your Internet address with your search keywords] collected for EVERY Internet search you do on google.com AND its other properties [YouTube, Google News, Gmail, Google Images, Google Video...]
>> Your detailed Web click activity on EVERY Web site you visit that serves DoubleClick ads [remember DoubleClick was prosecuted for privacy violations by the US Govt a few years ago]. DoubleClick serves ads on the vast majority of Web sites.
>> Personal data you provide on iGoogle [Google's personalized Web portal], directly as user-entered data, and indirectly through the choice of what widgets and content you choose to include in the personalized home page.

Its vast data mining algorithm farm [driven by PhDs it grabs from Stanford and MIT] analyzes all these pieces of information that you provide to them every day, building up a conmprehensive picture of your life as an individual. It knows more about you than your own family.

* Google makes its living on content [Web pages, videos, images, ...] created by OTHER people/companies. Their software also piggybacks on the availability of computers runnning on operating systems written by other companies/people, like Microsoft or Linux programmers. Without such content and operating systems, Google cannot survive. GOOGLE IS A PARASITE.

* Finally, Google is answerable to NO NONE, NO EVEN THEIR SHAREHOLDERS, since only Larry, Brin and Eric own their Class B voting shares, which are not traded publicly. Each of their publicly traded Class A shares gets ONE vote whereas each Class B voting share get TEN votes. Together the Google Triumvirate hold over 66% of all shareholder votes, meaning they CAN PERSONALLY OUTVOTE EVERY SHAREHOLDER RESOLUTION FROM NOW TO ETERNITY.
Those 3 guys hold a monopoly in the voting shares of the company.

Microsoft knows nothing about me, even though I have been using their software on PCs for over 15 years. They sell software that THEY produce, just like any other manufacturer of products I buy. I pay money, they sell me their software, I'm happy.

Google is fast becoming the big corporate behemoth out to dominate everything else, answerable to no one.


I haven't used Google services for 2 years - and haven't felt the lack in any particular way.

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