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June 12, 2007


Eric E

Far better yet, they should post empty legs at a bargain. People like me might fill a plane just for the fun of a private jet home and leave our return airline tickets in the garbage.


Yapta should partner with them if they get an online reservation system...

Carry O'Brien

Cool stuff! If this could now make private jet travel cheap enough for me to take a ride :)

Conrad Livingston

This company put together a rather formidable team: Experts from Google, JPL, Expedia and eBay. The company also had assistance from a venture capital firm in LA with expertise in clean-tech. Virgin is betting on the right kind of team here. I am intruiged to see how this plays out.

Roger Burton

Check out www.taxijet.com.

We've put together a similar online product to facilitate the next generation of air travel.


Nice site Roger. Maybe Branson will want to buy your company as well :)) Or maybe Funk Ventures will give you some venture capital now that they know that there is a market opportunity for these types of businesses. Or, maybe Virgin, the 800 pound Gorilla, will just crush everyone else in the business now that their reputation is at stake. For you, I hope it's not the latter

Dan B.

It sounds like a great idea but I don't think it's going to "fly"; no pun intended :)

reid hitchcock

I believe the idea of matching charter seats with customers ,is a great idea. The marketing is going to have to be based on a specific demand in the travel industry. I believe there is potential in both the corporate markets as well as the leasure markets. In fact this might very well accomodate those who want to avoid commercial air travel for various reasons.

In travel, markets are ephemeral in that they come and go. When a better travel product pops up which can produce better results for people old ways of doing travel go by the way side. It may even have the effect of creating the extenality of competing with comercial air space. I have over 18 years of travel sales experience both retail and whole sale.

Reid Hitchcock


I recently purchased an empty leg from Globaljet a charter operator based in Scottsdale. I was flying from Phoenix with girlfriends to Las Vegas and they were very helpful and had something similiar to Virgin. Check them out at www.flyglobaljet.com Good Luck


Does he plan to use Eclipse Aviation 500


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