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July 25, 2007



'only viewers within united states can watch these full-lenght episodes'
-okay, i understand copylefts and everything, but what if some early adopters want to try the app not your full lenght episodes? holly crap...


I was blown away by the incredible visual experience the Movie Networks HD Player provides. Everything else is second rate.


xoox: Of course you were, you work for the company!

Do media people believe we're REALLY that stupid that we can't see an obvious shill?


No Linux support, no support from me.

dude man

I'd use it if there was a client for my OS (kubuntu). Otherwise, I'll just use the non-streaming HD client I know that works: azureus.


the only thing that played were the commercials but not the actual show.

live television

Check these out, first is hd of women :D second has 1 or 2 hd channels, 3rd is very high quality maybe not hd but high quality.

Chris Coyne

Tried this out. Loaded OK But playing skipped as it streamed. Have a 3.4Ghz P4 HT processor High Res BrightView screen Better than a T1 connection. What kind of computer are they using at ABC?

Dan Dennedy

This is HD in resolution, but not in quality. There is too much compression artifacts.

Dave Burstein


This stuff, unfortunately, isn't HD except in the land of hype. It's darn good streaming video, among the best I've seen. But it's really standard quality reformatted to fit on your HD set. It's similar to a dvb upsampled to HD; pretty good, but side by side it's not close to the quality of the real thing for shows with motion.

The difference is important because the quality of HD shows is being compromised throughout the industry, and will keep falling unless people speak up. Cable and satellite are squeezing in more channels by dropping the bit rate beyond the point quality suffers. The ABC claim of "HD" for a bit rate that's a third or less than ordinary cable HD is pernicious. Give the service a great review if it works for you, but please unspin their claims of HD. Otherwise, anything that plays on an HD TV, like ten year old DVDs, can be called "HD" and the networks will be tempted to drop quality further. db

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