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July 09, 2007



Just a thought about Google's revenue streams.
Where have we seen a company buy up small software companies for their buggy applications and then patch it in with their other application acquisitions and sell it with all it's security bugs and flaws. Ohh, I know, it was Microsoft...

Just how many businesses (and individuals) that need to communicate with other businesses are going to trade in their Microsoft applications that they've trained their users in for software developed by small time developers and all its bugs and built in advertising distractors?

Frankly, I don't even use Google Search anymore! It used to provide useful links to information but now it only returns information from those that paid to have it's keywords indexed from those that want to sell you the information that Google used to help you find for free, or else the search returns OLD, outdated information after the paid keyword search postings.

Even eBay has come to realize that they don't need the Google paid keyword search to have buyers find their listings. I'm sure the other big keyword sources took note and are going to look into decreasing their usage of Google too. Keyword searches are 98% of Googles income. As it decreases, where will the income come from? Not from the millions of installed Microsoft applications users that have paid for training and are used to its bugs and don't have to have advertising thrown in their face with every effort to use its features.

I was a programmer and System Administrator and can tell you most people and companies don't typically dump an investment in product and training to have to go through the same thing with another set of software that may only do what they already have and could actually have worse bugs or compatibility issues. Google isn't offering a dramatically better process or set of applications are they?

Only small businesses that don't have money to buy Microsoft software or only need internal communication and spreadsheet usage will go for Google's bundled applications developed, again, by small unknown software developers.

Just some thoughts for you to consider.


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