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July 06, 2007


Gary Bourgeault

We have to ask ourselves, "When would we ever use this service?" It wouldn't be in the home. It wouldn't be at work.

It goes back to the question of when we would watch TV on our mobile phones. The answer is only when we're in transit somewhere ... and most people aren't interested in that even.

Other than for DVR recordings, linear TV will increasingly become irrelevant on broadcast Television as well.

There may be a small audience for live events and sports, as you said, but overall this doesn't have the opportunity for any type of scale or niche that seems to make any sense for a company to pursue. I think it's a deadend.


In my post over at last100, I state the case for live TV over the net. Call me romantic, but I miss those communal water cooler moments, that live (or near-live TV) can bring about.

The biggest issue therefore, isn’t live vs on-demand, but the way Internet TV is crippled by territorial rights restrictions. The water cooler is becoming increasingly virtual and global, and yet, Net TV’s world rights issues, fly in the face of this.



Half a million Zattoo users would probably argue that there is a reason for live TV on the Net. When asked why they use Zattoo, most of them answer that they like to watch TV while doing other stuff on their PC (call them media multi-taskers). Others say they don’t have a TV at all and Zattoo is the remedy. Another group uses Zattoo to watch TV while in a place other than their living room. And for the rest Zattoo is like a second TV screen.

The most viewed video *ever* on YouTube has 52 million views (http://youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg). That's the number of viewers you get *in one evening* across a couple of European countries when airing a good soccer match or the season finale of a top TV series.

Lastly, socializing is an important aspect of TV consumption. While people do share YouTube videos, they probably don't talk about them at the water cooler. But they do discuss the soccer match, the season finale, or the outcome of the elections. And guess where they got all those topics of conversation from...

Disclaimer: I work at Zattoo. Despite my effort to be objective, the opinions expressed here could be biased ;-)

Fred Anderson

www.rawflow.com -- this is old news

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