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July 02, 2007



Steve always intended to let developers create 3rd party apps this way.


George S.

I don't see much revolutionary in bypassing some restrictions. I'd say those restrictions are totally useless. I think both Apple and the developers shall focus on joining forces to produce one of the best applications for iPhone.

Jens Alfke

Oh, come off it. This isn't "back-door" or unauthorized or anything else. Apple is _encouraging_ developers to write software for the iPhone as web apps. They even demoed it during the developer conference keynote.

All you're doing with this spin is trying to hype this as a controversy, when it isn't. I'd expect better from a blog associated with a magazine like Business 2.0 (which I don't read, and am definitely less likely to now.)

Arthur Goikhman

Cellufun would have certainly loved to have access to the full development toolkit. But the initial iPhone-enabling our content was straightforward enough. We do have some really exciting ideas about iPhone specific versions of some games -- though we certinly wouldn't expect to divert from our vision of serving the widest possible cell phone audience.

Stan Scott

There IS a developer guide for the iPhone on the Apple site, at http://developer.apple.com/iphone/designingcontent.html. I haven't developed for it myself, so I can't tell whether it gives you all the information you need, but it's there.


I think Apple will not be affected by the last news.Its stock price will reach up to 150 by the end of this quarter.

John G

I doubt ATT or Apple care about the Jahjah application. Jahjah is just a web based version of an international calling card. You're still using your ATT minutes for the incoming call, so what do they care? They wouldn't have had the international long distance business anyway. It's like saying that prepaid long distance cards are not the sort of mobile app that ATT would be too happy about.

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