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October 03, 2006


Joining Dots

On another practical level, mobile-phone networks need to offer more attractive pricing packages to get people using the mobile web. My subscription provides me a bunch of free minutes and text that go partially unused each month whilst I get clobbered by high charges for surfing the net, uploading content and doing email. And no visible way of knowing the cost until the bill arrives (due to being charged for data transmitted rather than time)


Externalizing parts of our brain functions is nothing new - in fact, that's exactly what writing stuff down is: It makes up for the limitations of our brain's memory. The human-machine mind meld you speak of began with ancient Sumerian Cuneiform and continues to this day.

Another area we've done this with is calculators; human beings generally can't do much more than basic algebra in our heads, but with a calculator we can do Calculus, 3D graphs, and analyze complex datasets. Even doing this stuff by hand is largely the same thing: the pen and paper is as much external to our brains as a calculator is.

On a practical level, I use Evernote and love it, and even abandoned Google Notebook for it. It's a beautiful research tool. I note topics I'm interested in, especially facts and figures, and occasionally a well written argument or something like that. Later, when I'm on a forum debating one of those topics (or composing a blog post) it becomes an awesome reference source for information I'd otherwise spend hours trying to find again.

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Everyone has his inherent ability which is easily concealed by habits, blurred by time, and eroded by laziness.

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no longer remember anything without it? Do we really need to digitize every waking moment of our lives?

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