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October 27, 2006


Joe Canavan

Great Article. I would like to expand on Jeff Bonforte's comment: "A point that was brought up by Yahoo's Jeff Bonforte is that when you are looking for an industry to disrupt, look for unhappy customers."

I would add that you could also look for an industry with content customers who are neither happy or unhappy with the current situation. Most people were content, as opposed to unhappy, with getting their music on CDs at retail stores or online. But MP3s and ultimately the iPod disrupted the traditional music distribution industry. The main point is that people who are simply content are also prone to disruption if you can show them a method/product/technology that makes their experience measurably better.

Ituloy Angsulong

Nice point of view. Good Article.

kent beuchert

How about providing some disruptive technologies rather than sitting around on your asses talking about it. Typically West Coast American BS.


Just to pick up on new product acceptance. Sometimes a better idea isn't enough. In the case of electric cars, for instance, it is such a large paradigm shift that the consumer must be persuaded that this is something they really need. And want. You'll notice recently that more men are showing interest in this (electric car)technology. It's developing into a trend. Hopefully the trend will intersect with a viable product and maintain its' upward momentum.

Bonal Samreth

Here's a disruptor competition tackling the challenges of creating solutions for health and health care needs.

Check it out and vote as this competition is giving it a try: http://www.changemakers.net/en-us/competition/disruptive.

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