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October 30, 2006



I'm not trying to be a prick but I've got a eye that is terribly bothered by typos and has spotted two in the past three posts. Spellcheck, my friend!


Any blog with paid advertising is not considered a personal web site. All of my images are protected by strict copyright laws. Use of my images without prior consent constitutes copyright infringement.

Erick Schonfeld

I guess that would include any random "personal" blog that carries Google AdSense ads too. But I digress.

I stopped linking to the picture in question because of the photographer's objection, as is my policy. However, the photo was a publicly-available one on Flickr with a "Blog This" button on it, which some people might construe as an invitation to, well, blog the photo. And, as with all the Flickr photos I use, they are all served from Flickr. That means the original creators can always control how they are used by changing the settings of their photos.

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