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February 23, 2007


Life 2.0

In a world of thousands or millions of channels, who will emerge as the stars? Will it be those who best market virally, tapping the fullest audience interested in the content? Will it be those who can build a community, a la Wikipedia? Will it be those who produce the most professional and compelling content? Will it be those who control either distribution or standards?

If you are a media executive today, including a TV executive, you must be able to discern and prioritize between competing calls for your emphasis. Additionally, do you host or do you distribute? Do you license? Open source a basic service with paid upgrade?

If you are a content producer, do you build or do you buy? Do you broaden or narrow your audience?

The devil of this success is in the details. And those details arise from vision and strategy.


great article, thanks.

i think joost is coming out looking like the closest thing to traditional television right now, but you're right about the need for mainstream content of course. that will come with time as people buy into the interface.


IP TV will be the ultimate winner




there's only one thing in the public eye: and that is youtube.


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