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February 22, 2007



Are Logoworks and SimulScribe enterprisy? Is FON mobiley?

Paul Buchhorn - Online Marketing News

in germany starts joinr. its some like myspace for german perople. i think the list is not complete, there are a lot of other start ups which dont list there.


I like the list! but why meebo and not eBuddy. As far as I know Amsterdam based eBuddy is still bigger than Meebo. Oh and FON, hmmm I'm not to sure if they are so hot as everybody thinks (or not thinks, check technorati mention for FON). FON probably will need more the 22 million they already raised. they have 400.000 users, but how many non foneros are willing to pay for wifi if there are probably 4 open wifi networks available as well. I like to see those numbers


Check out www.koolim.com

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