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February 13, 2007



Shame on Belgium court if they want to break the "Google". Google is #1, the "Google" has a moat so that no one can disturb the company's reptation.


Google provides a useful free service to those of us on the web although we pay a slight overhead in the ad space on our machines. It's a great deal for everyone except those who get greedy like the Belgians. I hope Google forces them to repay Google's legal expenses and fines when they beg to return.


I don't want to read content created by anyone so stupid as this set of "newspapers". Why would I think they'd get any other story correct?


It does make you wonder if these people really understand how everything works on the world wide web.

Greg Ness

Erick, I agree with you completely on this. I had the same conclusions on this issue in a blog post last September:

Newspaper Associations: Trying To Swim Against The Tide?


Mark Blafkin

Erick, you're certainly right that these newspapers will lose out, but this is actually part of broader trend in the world and Europe in particular. This case might not be about newspapers alone. With simple tariffs and other old school trade barriers running afoul of treaties and the WTO, governments are looking for new ways to erect protectionist barriers to commerce: call it Protectionism 2.0 if you will.

In the IT arena, the trend is pretty clear once you start looking at what has happened to Google, Apple, and Microsoft recently in Europe. In the case of Google, Germany and France are creating state-sponsored competitors...is it unreasonable to expect that they are looking for new ways to drive Google out of Europe and open up the market for their new competitors?

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