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May 29, 2007



re 1: what about networks (or exchanges for that matter) that provide a rich set of targeting based on actual user behavior? Actions about that targeting will never be able to be fully automated, though it can and should live inside a automated mechanism for placement. Brand related ads for instance. It would be interested to see how those panelists thing about that issue.

Re 6: is the focus on the ad unit even the right question, as opposed to looking at characteristics of the viewer -- what their interests are, what they do. From there I think the path to greatness in online video advertising will occur -- the mode of the ad is simply a tactical decision -- the strategy is in delivering something truly compelling based on what the view is doing and has done.

Business Education

I don't think ad buying will become automated. because, human-powered still needed to keep better relevances.

Derek Slater

Hi Erick. I note with interest that the title of your particular panel is about "interactive" advertising. Is that term being used interchangably with "online" here? Because I'd be really interested in what a truly "interactive" ad would be. Assuming it's more than the "click on the monkey to win" kind of interactivity. Are these panelists tasked with imagining what an ad might look like in 2010? Might it use rich media capabilities, Ajax etc in a new and dynamic way? Might it change its content - not merely the when and where of a static ad getting served - based on the viewer's inputs or interaction with the ad itself?

Mike Boland

Erick, On the video ad unit question -I'm an analyst with The Kelsey Group who just authored a report on video advertising.


Lots to say here. Let me know if you're interested and i'll get you a free copy of the report

Frank Addante

Erick, great questions.

I used to compete with all of these guys and ultimately sold one of my (adserving) companies to DoubleClick.

In general, I think there is a severe lack of technology innovation in the space. As a result, publishers don't have the basic tools necessary to most effectively monetize their sites.

I wrote a posting on this on my blog:

"GoogleClick - Who owns your cash register?"

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