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June 04, 2007


Grant Czerepak

That polka dot background looks like a thinly veiled swipe at google.

Google has been up to now adhering to a mantra of "minimal time on the google site." The wisdom behind this is if google loads faster and you find what you want faster you will use google more often. Consequently, anything that consumes bandwidth is subject to extreme prejudice.

Google mantra considered, Ask may be finding a niche where sophisticated users are willing to wait briefly longer for a juicy set of results.

Let's see what happens.


That original background was monstrous. I'm not surprised that by now (2 days later) it's no longer being used.

God-awful on the eyes, and it looked like something from one of the millions of horridly designed MySpace pages, rather than a Google missive...

The new design (as it exists now) is quite clean and pleasing. Much better.

The new features are nice too.


I tried ask.com but I don't see the design yet. do you know when it supposed to be available to public?

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