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June 20, 2007



You are absolutely right that Jerry Yang more than anyone else (inside or outside the organization) is most equipped to lead Yahoo at this time. He intimately knows the strengths and weaknesses of Yahoo and just as important, Yahoo's arch rivals. To borrow army terminology, he has a superior "appreciation of the situation" and knows the terrain well enough to mount defensive or offensive maneuvers at this critical stage. Recognising his own abilities or lack thereof, I am sure he will surround himself with "experts" and when the coast is clear, hand the reins to another competent commander in due course.


It so true. You do need someone to pull in the troops. Too many companies rely on the numbers to work. A business should focus on its investments and one of them is the employees. Otherwise it is a very bad deal for investors like my self - no long term growth. Also, outsourcing is a numbers game and not truly investing in quality. A point in fact - Toyota has been GM in sales. Why? Quality truly delivered.

PS. Watch as Apple continues to delivery quality. Not opening iPhone to other developers is a good thing. Who wants to re-boot daily? Not me!!!


I believe your article is pretty spot on and I feel Jerry needs to grab this opportunity by the scruff of the neck and run with it. If anyone can do this quickly its him. Doubters say he's too close to Semel, but then if you look objectively, except for the crazy pay, non tech vision and his blind eye to Wall Street, he really is the worst leader there is. I can name many more worse.

Jerry grabs this great turning point and u will be marked in the history book of making one of the most succesful comebacks. GOGOGO!!


Talk to Microsoft again, not for sell, just team up for single reason, beat Google's ass


Jerry and Sue are laid back easygoing people. Laid back people are usually slow and don't have the killer instinct to go after deals. I fear that they are thinking that Panama can get them over the hump but they need to realize that the market is changing. The bulk of the internet users are growing younger and they are hanging out at MySpace, Facebook, etc. The MySpace deal would be awesome for Yahoo. Take it NOW before Microsoft or Google grabs it.


Yang succeeded because he was in the right place at the right time and ended up with a good executive, Tim Koogle.

But for TK and raw luck Yang be a Director of IT (or maybe V/P by now) at some dull Fortune 1000 company explaining why they won't support new technology, why George Bush isn't really such a disaster, and why China has the right to censor people all the while wondering why his latest oursourcing projects failed.

In short ... Chief Yahoo, Yang's title, is probably an accurate description. Yang's no match for the House that Sergey and Larry built.

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