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June 18, 2007



It is always a shocking thing to see a person disappearing from media who were a big news in the industry..


Yahoo and Jerry Yang goes hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly. Jerry had an exciting vision for Yahoo during the hay days which is what I think the company is trying to bring back. At the same time, having Susan Decker as President, a powerful combination gets created. I would not assume that Jerry Yang will step aside too soon...

Ex Yahoo Exec

Seems like just another one of Semel's media announcements with no real impact. Decker is the moron who knowingly let Overture's industry lead slip away, and Yang is out of touch with the company's employees--neither of them command respect, nor can return any respect tot he company or its stock. Upper mgmt has been raping the little guy at Yahoo! for years, and morale could not be any lower. These changes are window dressing and will not help the company. Decker and Yang should go, and Terry should be kicked off the Board completely for taking so much money from shareholders and employees, while providing nothing but a Hollywood mentality and a string of failures to execute, integrate or produce. A step in the right direction, but still a long way to go for Yahoo to recover any shine...


Loss of "the big picture" and promoting the Hollywood mentality that Steve Chase got caught up in with his TW fiasco, appears to be the same track we see here with Yahoo. Regardless of Semels departure (with approximately 1 Million for every single subscriber in pocket), his continued position in the background shows the greed mentality the entire group of execs covet...including Decker, who is licking her chops waiting her turn at the CEO mega perks that go with any .com coasting on public confusion.

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