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June 12, 2007


bobby g mooneyham

i own 4,000 shares of yahoo and was shocked to see pay package. no responsible board would have given this package. semel should be
replaced and company sold while still possible.
board is pawn of management and needs to be


Get rid of Terry Semel. He is the major problem in this company! How could he have stolen so much from this company with so poor performance in the stock? Let us act in the next Annal meeting and remove him from that CEO post!!! Hope to restruct the Board too because it is so irresponsible!!!


This company is going to end up like netscape. Having left there, it's run by people who are clueless. Too many MBAs with too many ideas but no execution plan.

john chear

Mr.Semel is just a poor motivator for his employees and thats the big reason why he should resign with what dignity he has got left.
Move on Terry,YAHOO will be better of whithout you!!!!1

tom davis

paying terry too much for doing nothing good to YHOO, Terry must pay back or fire him now.

Fred Jackson

There are too many millionaires in Yahoo who are making a killing with stock options no matter what the stock price. Why would they change anything? Where's the motivation for a sixty-something guy who makes $100 million a year?

guillermo padilla

This is absolutely outrageous. How a person dare to get such a "packet" of insentives wich such a poor performance of the company.

He should step down and then punished

This is a complete rip-off


Forget Google's performance. Forget the $400+ mil Semel pay package. Forget the executive departures.

I want to know if Panama will bring profits to the bottomline.

Then & only then will anyone know for sure how effective Semel has been.

Just note that he has been labeled a visionary before. Hopefully these turbulent times will disappear and the silver profit lining will make everyone satisfied.

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