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July 13, 2007


Gilles Dubuc

That part of the article was a bit misleading: "A single JibJab animation can cost $50,000 to produce. Now you can piggyback on top of all that hard work".

$50,000 to produce a long flash animation like "this is our land", yes, but to produce the video with dancing characters, certainly not.

It's not clear here or in the video if the dance video is just a tech test for the people at JibJab or if it is the kind of thing they will offer with that service. If the later, there's really no reason to hype it that much, services that create "basic" personalized Flash videos with content users can upload are nothing new.

If they plan on producing lenghty animations with production value like "this is our land" which users can really customize, now we're talking significant evolution compared to what's currently available. Again, nothing hints into that direction from the video and the article.

Erick Schonfeld

The dancing video is not a test. It is one of several "Starring You" animations JibJab will soon launch. While you are correct, Gilles, that it is not a $50,000 production, there will be five separate "Starring You" videos initially. The cost to produce those does add up. And the face-uploading software they've developed could be applied to any JibJab animation in the future.

Also, there is a difference between just any Flash video that you can personalize and something from JibJab, which is the Web's version of a Hollywood studio. You indeed are piggybacking on top of something with professional production values,even with teh simpler Flash videos.

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