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July 09, 2007



A luckier Gina than I am! But I like www.nexo.com for my social networking and groups.

Roger Anderson

There is an interesting point raised here - do social networks work if they have too few members? Isn't that part of what made MySpace so great - 100 million other people there?

Granted in the early days it was nothing more than free file sharing space for porn traders and music files, but somewhere in there a mass-action took place and it made a big difference.

If anyone can make a social network will anyone care? Would Facebook type pages work if anyone could have one anywhere on their own website? Would a PageFlakes like page work just as well if anyone could put one anywhere?

What if I could make my own Twitter like app that anyone could install - would they? Does the fact that others use Twitter make it more appealing? I think it does. I think that if anyone can make a social network it will only serve to dilute the value of the ones that exist until there is no value in any of them.


To create something that attracts people requires mixtures of skill, contacts, money and ability to attract liquidity. in today’s idea economy money comes in a different form (Content). Provide users with a tool to publish something of their own, something funny, interesting, or connecting. Make it easy and users will come in masses along with it will bring the VC’s and other moneyman ready to become part of the next big thing. For example digg.com done it by changing the rule for producing news, Weblo.com is doing it by allowing people to build user generated content around real world assets. One year ago my friends on facebook were people I knew personally, today I receive friend invites from people I never even hard of. So the rule of the idea economy are simple, come up with something interesting, create liquidity and money will follow. To create liquidity all you have to do is ……..

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