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August 13, 2007



According to the leaked document, the growth projections are based solely on hiring more salesmen.

To wit:

"Over the next two years, Glam Media plans to continue expanding its sales force by adding approximately 20-30 salespeople per year. Direct sales revenue is expected to be $111 million in 2008, reflecting an average quarterly growth rate of 39%."

Yikes! If only life were that simple.

But the thing I don't get is if their ads are so valuable, why does Glam's home page at glam.com have Google ads? Oops!

Also, they say they've got this big deal with Google going on. But it's nothing. It's just putting a Google site search on their network.

But wait a minute. Isn't Google itself ALREADY an ad network? Doesn't Google Adsense already do what Glam is attempting to do? And isn't Glam taking away revenue from Google by competing against it?!

Why hasn't Google figured this out yet? Glam is exploiting the Google brand by a very thin "relationship."

The real test of Glam is if it can take away any of Google Adsense's big clients. It hasn't done that yet, has it?

What does Glam's ad network offer that Google's network doesn't? It's focused on women. So what? Adsense advertisers can automatically "aggregate" the female demographic simply by targeted advertising keywords that appeal to women.

The whole thing is pointless. What online ad network experience do the Glam founders and executives have? Did they work at Google or YPN?

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