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September 20, 2007


Paul Jones

Best of luck as a Cruncher. I have TechCrunch in my RSS reader already so I'm sure I'll be seeing you there soon.

Attila Csordas

Good luck to your job, it is a real challenge for a professional journalist like you.

I just wander what will be the fate of the B2 blog network then?

Dion Almaer


Great to hear that you will be on TechCrunch. I think you will add a lot to the commentary there, so I expect the signal/noise to get a lot better.



Jesse Odell

Congrats on the move Erick! Since your days at Fortune, you've always brought passion, smarts and clarity to the always moving world of technology and business. TechCrunch is one lucky new media force to have attracted such a talent. Great stuff.



Erick, Hello !

I'm from France. I saw your portrait to Techcrunch. My english i'snt very good...

Congratulations !

Jon Burg

Congrats on the great next step!

Will you still be blogging at this address or will the domain name die? As the property is dead anyway, what's doing to happen to all the wonderful articles you've all posted as B2.0 blogs?

Loving your work and wishing you the best of luck over at techcrunch,

-Jon Bug


Congrats for the new position!
I read on The New York Times that Mr. Quittner said “I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being heartbroken. That said, we had a terrific team here and learned a lot. A bunch of us are going on to Fortune, where we’ll have an even bigger platform to carry on the good fight.”

Writing about startups must have given you some entrepreneurial sense (my apologies if you are a serial entrepreneur and I don't know it!) so I was wondering why not trying to do a new Business 2.0 on your own (not alone, but for example with the terrific team Mr. Quittner talked bout). TechCrunch is tempting I know... but it's working for somebody else, following somebody else lines. That's a significant difference.

Jeff O'Connor


I'm going to miss Business2.0, but at the end of the day a great business magazine and its online edition isn't *that* much greater than the sum of its parts.

TechCrunch got the best part of Business2.0 when they scooped you up, in my opinion. I'm really looking forward to seeing you bring your professionalism, your candor, and your insight to your new digs, and I've already replaced this site's spot on my RSS feed with TC.

See you on the other side!

pat phelan

Hi Erick
looking forward to seeing you over @techcrunch
many thanks fro your kind words regarding my company Cubic Telecom at Techcrunch40

Colin Carmichael

I'll echo all the congratulations!

And the subscription to TC is even more affordable than B2.0!

ZuDfunck esq.

I have been having dreams as if I am in a Batman movie. The characters the colors and general weirdness.
I fear you too may also have the same dreams as a result of your career change. Do let us know...
I wonder if that relates to the transformation process we all encounter jumping off career cliffs.

Taige Zhang

I'm going to miss reading this. It's my favorite blog and I've learned so much from it. What will happen to this page in the future?

Now I'll have to read more TechCrunch....


Erick Schonfeld

Thank you for all the kind words. I hope to move all my blog posts to another site where they will be archived, and I will use as my personal blog.

More details soon.


I agree, well said. Very good website.


Great. The world needs one more guy brownnosing Facebook.




congrats! i was at fooa... you were very entertaining and so was the panel... i think you and mr. arrington will get along just great!


Good luck.

Glenn Mandelkern

The print edition of Business 2.0 was something I always looked forward to receiving by snail mail. If ever there was something I liked in its tangible form (as opposed to reading online), B2.0 was it.

Good luck to you, Erick! I'll look for you at TechCrunch.

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Good luck to your job at techcrunch!



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